Web Video

We live in an age where video content is king. Traditional commercials, sponsored content, social media; this is how organizations get noticed and drive interest in their work. At SPP, we pride ourselves in having one foot in the professional world, where this content has particular standards and expectations, and another in the artistic world, where we find creative ways to express our clients’ messages. The examples below illustrate how SPP is able to create compelling commercial content that remains true to our clients underlying message.

Artwell’s 20th Anniversary 

Artwell is an incredible organization devoted to bringing arts education to communities around Philadelphia.  Their work embodies 7 core values: Imagination, Healing, Social Justice, Spirituality, Community and Love. We collaborated with them to create a mosaic highlighting twenty years of impactful work.

Harlem Grown

Harlem Grown is one of those organizations we can never get enough of. Their work has been inspiring us since we began working together in 2013. Their mission to “plant seeds in order to grow healthy children and communities” is succeeding. We love making these videos just as much as we love putting the camera down and getting our hands dirty on the farm. This is a short piece we did with them as part of a larger social media campaign.

Pimsleur Language Learning

We have enjoyed producing short ads for Pimsleur, a company dedicated to bringing people closer through language. This one was particularly fun to make because of the incredible talent, who actually owned most of these costumes! Our Pimsleur work is in collaboration with The Daily Dot.

“We were so impressed with Spinach Pie Productions. They provided us with creative direction and full video production services. The final product is a professional, creative, and inspiring video. We work with children and Spinach Pie Productions was excellent at engaging the children to bring out the best in the interviews and film shots. The team was extremely professional and helpful in interpreting our ideas and feedback.

We not only have a great end product after working with Spinach Pie, but we also thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with them!”

— Kelly Gillen, Harlem Grown, New York City, NY