Our Process

There are production companies out there that are happy to make your video without client involvement. Clients just drop off materials and they come back with a product. That is not Spinach Pie Productions’ process. Quite the opposite.

Because we care about our clients and the messages they’re delivering, it’s critically important to us that we collaborate with our clients. You’re the experts in your field, your input and opinions are our most valuable inspiration. We pride ourselves on not dictating terms to our clients: you tell us your needs and we work from there to determine what kind of content best supports those needs.

Making video content can be a magical, inspirational, fun experience. Being “on-set” is a thrilling day of work for both us and, we hope, our clients. We want clients involved, alongside us, collaborating and communicating about all the creative decisions. When it comes to the technical elements, our clients can trust that our expertise ensures quality, but if you have questions or concerns, we’re not going to talk down to you or reject your ideas. We work for you, but everything works best when we work with you.

Video content is storytelling. We work as a scribe, taking a story our client has held in their head and helping to bring it into the world. When everyone takes an interest in completing this task as a team, the result is of higher quality and the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.