[row][column span=”small-12 large-7″ center=”true”]Spinach Pie Productions is a full-service production company. We work with our clients during every step of production, including pre-production and message planning, shooting, editing and packaging.

We specialize in documentary style promotional videos, as well as scripted content and live event video.

Competitive Rates offered for Not-For-Profit and Low-Budget Productions.

Deferred rates available for Kickstarter/Fundraising campaigns.


Joshua Louis Simon (owner) has worked in entertainment since graduating from Brandeis University in 2007.  Starting off his career in the theater, Joshua gained experience building scenery, setting up sound and lighting systems, and filming live performances and events in theaters, comedy venues, and fashion shows throughout New York.  Joshua has worked in production, camera, lighting, and sound departments for all types of on-screen productions, including live-to-tape, documentary, scripted content, corporate/promotional content, and national commercials.

Joshua loves working with children and he loses all semblance of adulthood around puppies.

[/column][column span=”small-12 large-5″ center=”true”]jls-onsetPhoto Credit: Joyeuse Photography[/column][/row]